mardi, novembre 21, 2017

I am not the sun 
of your beautifull moon
I am the night were you baith 
The milky way in wich you hang

While life goes around
I stand here envelopping
Protecting your light
Master of the night

Search your sun my dear moon
For I am the night and I will keep you safe
always there over your shoulder
Holding you tight and in place

mercredi, novembre 15, 2017

brouillard de plume en C major

je te regarde
la ou tu nes pas
dans les souvenir d'un instant lumineux
la penombre n'est pas asse opaque
pour effacer le souvenir de ta presence
tu hantes mes pas et mes pensees
souriante et intense
je vois ta silouette passive
ou mes yeux encore absorber ce perdent
tu n'es plus la depuis deja quelques mois
mais dans ce mirage incontrolable
tu restes bien la

samedi, novembre 11, 2017


Parralel to me
In another reality
I long to touch across time
What a hopeless paradigm

And you drift accross decisions
That were never made
Almost like an illusion
My own mind betrayed

You are of another era
Where maybe i've been
and avoided all this drama
and all that sin

You are a distopia
But still you remain
You are a phobia 
And yet a what keeps me sane

lundi, août 28, 2017

from another life

Your faced printed in my mind
Like it was always there
Your smile dragging my soul
across other lifes.

injection of truth
when I loose myself to your memorie
Your a stranger in a way
But yet my heart recognize you

And in this distance I force upon myself
In this slow but painfull progression to you
I learn that I was blind before
And you shed the light

lundi, août 21, 2017

Fauve sauvage

Sauvage jusque dans le fond des yeux
Cheveux en bataille, d'un noir libre
Les lèvres comme un lac paisible
Les hanches comme un feu qui crépite

Coeur perdu dans des batailles lointaines
Ta douleur masqué sous ce sourrire étoilé
Mon temps qui ce perd dans l'espoir du tien
Les larmes comme une promesse d'espoir

Je te vois dans des vallons lointain
Ou tes mains dans les miennes ce repose
Ou ton odeur ce mêle a des montagnes que je ne connais pas
A un sentiment de communion avec quelques chose de plus grand

Je sens d'ici la morsure du froid que ton absence laisse
Je vois d'ici comme une étoile filante ton regard même loin
Dans ma tête un ouragan de beauté
Ou je veux me noyer

Fleur sauvage
Plus belle que la nature
Comme un bijoux pour les paysages
Mettant en valeur tout ce qui t'entoure.

Shine diamond
Shine so bright
Make me blind
I'm already so yours...

mardi, août 08, 2017

Oh moon

Oh dear I much I missed this
The sun on my skin and the ocean in front of me
Oh dear that cascade of sun beam warming
The very inside of all my wounds

This non-embrace like a warm cover of calm
Sound of a bliss just too good to be true
Floating in time like nothing is there
Hanging in emptiness like theres no tomorrow

Oh the sight, the crashing of the waves
The imagination completing every moves,
completing every sentences
to a blissful moment of aww.

Oh sun keep shining
So the moon remembers you tonight
And the warmth of your embrace
Keeps her shinning in the dark.

lundi, juin 26, 2017

Courbes dorés

Les courbes dorées
D'un passé trop près
Les océans noir encre
De passion, ou j'ai jeté l'ancre.

Dans un dédal de mon cerveau
Tu as élu domicile
Maintenant même lorsqu'il fait beau
Le chemin vers toi est facile

Dans tes accents d'ailleurs et d'ici
J'ai emlelé mes amarres
Pour finalement être a ta merci
Et ne jamais arrivé au départ

Une fleur au fond de mon âme
Couleur passion doré
Ta peau comme un port d'attache
mon navire, qui veut s'y échoué.

jeudi, juin 15, 2017


Long lost friend
from an era where everything was simplier.

When you disapeared
to this day i still wander in the dark.

My favorite ally
but the hardest to keep.

The utopia of a world where it fills me,
the impossible quest i'll never reach.

Balancing it with all of the above
trusting my faith to find hope in wisdom.

mercredi, février 22, 2017

Glimpse of a sunshine

I don't want to feel alone anymore
I don't want to long for fictions
For a feeling long gone
And nights long passed

I have dreams of a souvenir
In wich everything is so pure
And everything so genuine
And then I wake and hurt

I want this to be true
I want my life to be like my dreams
I need a break from this gray sky
And a glimpse of a sunshine

dimanche, février 19, 2017

So many questions

Have I ever really gotten through you? Has my heart ever really stop reaching for you since that fatidic night where I was a puddle of tears on that carpet? What makes a brain go through stuff? I mean not in a functionning way but in a; I don't regret it, kinda way. Is there a place in my mind where I can get free of all these stories we made up for each other?

I'm functionning and im ''normal''. But I feel my mind is some sick patient mumbling the same obsession over and over again. Self destructive much? Self destroyed much? How can I go foward when everything is pulling toward that short lapse of time where I felt the world revolved around your eyes and where my world had nothing more interesting than your soul.

I'll ge through I guess, or i'll tell myself. I will be me again, but after all that time who is me and why am I myself over others? I keep pulling pictures back in my head of what could have in another life... Should I forfeit mine right now?

Well see...

Invisible you

There is a place in my mind
where you exist and I with you
There is place in my soul
Where it's warm from your touch

Who? Where? When?
None of these mathers
Because somewhere inside of me
You live and are mine

I confide to you in silence
You hold my hand without touching
And from this place
I can bare the rest

Will I ever find you
Will you ever be real
For now i'll close my eyes
And think about you

dimanche, janvier 08, 2017

Tu me prend

Le corps plaquer contre le mur
Nos deux êtres ce dévore
Dans une etreinte si pur
Epuise deja par l'effort

Grillage métallique
Auquel tu t'accroche
Le courant électrique
Nos peaux s'écorchent

Je te mords
Tu me vibres
Je te prend d'abord
Tu me répond de toute ta fibre

mercredi, janvier 04, 2017

fed up

*this one is a little agressive based on a fed up feeling. Excuse the language

Could I please stop missing you so goddamn much
Can I fucking stop hurting every time I see your smile
Frozen on a digital screen I just can't freaking stop going back too

I am so over this feeling, but so not over you
Where I am now you should be a distant memory
But O know! Are you ever so present

If fucking bugs me every time I see you comment
Even if were not ''friends'' anymore
Because we were always so much more than this

And it bust my balls to be stuck on repeat wishing for a life well never have
For a night that will never come, no mather how many times we fucking promessed
Im fed up restraining my tears that never really stopped after that long drive

You killed me inside and for god knows what reason
I still wander in the memories of our past self
Where, did I was so ever stupid, to beleive our 2 fucked up self would make it!

lundi, janvier 02, 2017

Je voudrais être comme toi

Je voudrais être beau
Pour que tes yeux s'arrête sur les miens
Comme je suis obsédé par les tiens
Et qu'ensemble on veuille nos peaux

Je voudrais des lèvres pulpeuses
Pour que toi aussi, tu es envie
d'embrasser toute une vie
pour que nos âmes soient heureuses

Je voudrais avoir ton charisme
Pour que tu es toujours envie de me parler
Pour que tu es aussi envi de me toucher
Que nos regardes ce reflètent comme des prismes