samedi, novembre 22, 2008

From a place

From a place you don't get
From that mind no one will ever understand
This is my shelter
And this is my home

My mind free of all things here
No questions
And no answer
Just feelings and passion

What is so cold in life
Here is so warm and nice
In the darkness of this cave
I am in my realms

Only master for what I think
No one is near the truth
My truth is mine only
And even If you knew, you wouldn't get

Past, present, future
None mathers here
For there is no time
And no one to share it with.

jeudi, novembre 20, 2008

go live in peace.

those who don't know but still talk
those that in the past costed me so much
just keep quiet in your good intention
because the good you are trying to make
even with all the best motivation
will only hurt something ou can't understand
and let agnryness grow
In a mind that is so far behond any comprehension
just don't try
for if you don,t get it
none of you ever will
for my soul is deep and incomprehensible
for my mind is stronger than any word
fly away in your own world
leave me to mine
for even if you'd like to live in mine
you either get it or you don't.
go live in peace!


Perdu loin
Dans un monde qui n'est pas le miens
Je vois les paysages inconnue défilé
Et je ne vois plus le temps passé

La douce brulure de ton absence
Qui réchauffe ce froid intense
Et je me réfugis
Dans les souvenirs noirci

Cette falaise qui me gette
Majestueuse, dans le ciel ce jette
Et je pense au longue nuit
Que j'ai passé sans bruit

mercredi, novembre 19, 2008

A fire

A fire that light
Is a strange thing
When all i can bring
Is that weird fight

mardi, novembre 18, 2008


From a fantasy that I barely touched
I saw what could and couldn't be
In the ocean of possibility
We got delayed

I saw the time pass
And felt the hope rise so high
And fall so low
That now I am just waiting

Those teeth on your neck
Once the true symbol of what we were
Of all the promise closeness
That we brought on each other

I left your side
For a short while
But grew up so much
So did you

I'll bite back on you
In the mere hope you bite back
Promess me what others have not deliver to you
So I don't have to promess them to you and scare you

Let us be what we always knew we could
Let's fly, hide and merge together
Ma petite, two french word with so much meaning behind them
From that deep dark place inside of me, I call you!

lundi, novembre 17, 2008

hurt/heart of a friend.

It hurt to see you hurt
It hurt to never see you when you are
Tired of seeing you getting bashed by all of those
Tired of not being able to react the way I want to.

Holding back what I feel deep down
Because I know it would only make it worst
But I'm so annoyed that you don't trust me
You don't have any faith in me

What once was, was
Let me be me
Let yourself being you
Stop getting down alone

If you plunge in the chaos
I want to hold your hand on the way down
If you fly high in the sky
I'll be the wing to carry you up

And while I wait in a forced silence
I have no choice but to keep my mind shut
I have no other option but to carry what I hold alone
And you will not be happy unless you let me be!

Broken promess hurt I know
Let me be your shield of truth
Let me not lie to you
And for once speak my heart to you

And if you let me be
Please beleive me
Because it hurt to deeply
To feel you doubt in me

dimanche, novembre 16, 2008

coeur haletant.

Pendant que le temps passe
Que les décisions ne se prennent pas
Pendant que tout ce qui est
Demain, ne sera peu être plus

Des mots qui se perdent dans des silences
Des gestes qui s'évapore dans l'immobilité
Le non dit qui prend le dessus sur les sons
Et les secondes qui s'enlise dans les heures

La nuit meurt dans un soleil levant
Et les souvenirs qui s'efface a force d'y penser
Le passé qui surgit de la bouche du présent
Et pendant que j'oublie c'est la mémoire qui agit

Partir dans un voyages fixe
Dans un pays fictif qui vit que dans tes yeux
Le sentiment qui se perd dans le ressentiment
Et ma voix muette au son du glas.

Quand les émotions se perdent de l'insensibilité
Quand le coeur ne bat plus, mais saigne encore
La tête reste emprisonné dans l'âme
Qui devient l'esclave du cœur haletant