vendredi, avril 25, 2008


As this beautifull smile drift away
In world I can't see
My gaze is lost in this instant of sweetness
Like a master statue you stay there, motionless

While others pass by without noticing
My focus only become bigger and more intense
Seeing you like this
In your own world

Smooth light licking your cheek
Your hair like an hallow of sun
Head resting on this delicate arm of yours
And this beauty

As your head move slowly
And you come back to this world
Your eyes see me and I bow
Because there would be no way of saying thank you.

The way I feel

The way I feel
I wish I could be numb
The way I think
I wish I could be dumb

What could have
What was
Why and where
Do we will ever known

Tired, confused, desabuse
No time to rest
No time not to rest
And no one else will answer

Incoherant mumbling
For stupids reasons
I'll be alone in the end
Just like I started.