mercredi, janvier 04, 2017

fed up

*this one is a little agressive based on a fed up feeling. Excuse the language

Could I please stop missing you so goddamn much
Can I fucking stop hurting every time I see your smile
Frozen on a digital screen I just can't freaking stop going back too

I am so over this feeling, but so not over you
Where I am now you should be a distant memory
But O know! Are you ever so present

If fucking bugs me every time I see you comment
Even if were not ''friends'' anymore
Because we were always so much more than this

And it bust my balls to be stuck on repeat wishing for a life well never have
For a night that will never come, no mather how many times we fucking promessed
Im fed up restraining my tears that never really stopped after that long drive

You killed me inside and for god knows what reason
I still wander in the memories of our past self
Where, did I was so ever stupid, to beleive our 2 fucked up self would make it!

lundi, janvier 02, 2017

Je voudrais être comme toi

Je voudrais être beau
Pour que tes yeux s'arrête sur les miens
Comme je suis obsédé par les tiens
Et qu'ensemble on veuille nos peaux

Je voudrais des lèvres pulpeuses
Pour que toi aussi, tu es envie
d'embrasser toute une vie
pour que nos âmes soient heureuses

Je voudrais avoir ton charisme
Pour que tu es toujours envie de me parler
Pour que tu es aussi envi de me toucher
Que nos regardes ce reflètent comme des prismes