vendredi, août 15, 2008


Am I true to me?
What is making me so sure?
Deep down I know the feeling is not right
But in the end does it really mather?

And when my mind wander in other country
I see a life full of promisses shattered
For a dream that I might never find.

But when I killed the ordinary
I killed a part of what life could have been
I'll follow every bit of a dream
Just to make sure i tried to acheive beauty

In the end it might not pay off
In the end I might have thousands of regrets
But deep down in my mind I know
that the path is right to me

For those who don't know
My quest is not about hapiness
And i am sorry for that
but my mind seek beauty and I shall find it

When life itself tell me im wrong
I won't even listen then
because my passion is my freedom
and my freedom is my life.