vendredi, décembre 19, 2008


Your this your that
Never seen someone like you
Your so this your so that
Can’t believe there’s no others like you

Those nice words that means nothing
False compliments
Empty words
So easy to tell

When the gentlemen are long gone
When the lady’s has ceased to exist
When on both side there is only players
Sweet talker that don’t mean a thing

Where will I belong
For I am not
How can I be myself
Without being the martyr

Would the world change
Could I be the wave
Or am I a reminiscence of the past
A era long gone to death

Those words I seek
Mean so much more to me
Than just compliment
Tell me the same with your eyes if you dare

Let me be the knight
Let you be a princess
Let us be the sweet embrace
Of royalty in love

When the purity will disappear forever
When the nobility will die with someone breath
I will know for sure that my time as come
But what if that breath was my own…

Le regard devant

L'horloge qui tic-tac
Rapellant le temps qui passe
L'innévitable craque
Il y a trop longtemps l'impasse

Dans ses secondes qui défilent
Je regarde un dernier coup sur le présent
Avant de regarder plus en avant
Le futur qui ne tient qu'à un fils

Déjà j'ai le vertige de l'inconnu
Je vois le vide devant
La glace dans mon sang
Même moi l'ange cornu

J'irai au delà
Au risque de tomber
Parce que sans essayer
Je ne serais déjà plus là

Et le risque est beau
Le prix est sublime
les espoirs intimes
Deviennent un cadeau

jeudi, décembre 18, 2008


wounded so deep
that pain I keep
will send me down
and hold my crown

Is there a way
To make all this go away
So I can feel free
And love finally

mercredi, décembre 17, 2008


What is it about that era I hate so much? Why can't I feel at my place when I act in accordance to it... and why do I feel like i'm alone in the world when im not acting like it? For those of the past I have so much respect wich I lack as soon were talking about my generation. Is it possible to have a soul living in a different state than our body? More and more I think of it and can't see the end... Will my heart, mind and soul finally live in the same time frame? Such a doubt scares me.


If I had one wish I think that would be it;

Make me feel again like the first time, make my bruise disapear and my innocence come back, let my heart free of those old demon and let my soul once again fully and totally in love.

mardi, décembre 16, 2008

trust and fear

Who can you trust when even yourself can be reliable... I fear me more than I fear others.