samedi, décembre 11, 2010

B.o.B - Don't Let Me Fall [Official Music Video]


it's been a long time since i've felt so much hate
since i've been hurt that much
For a while, comforted in a fake paradise
I guess I forgot about it

Resentment is such an harsh feeling
It's sneaky and always come from behind
But when it bites
It takes everything with it.

Memories, memories, memories
What is it that was so pleasant?
All I remember is what I can't have anymore
And just how much of a lie I lived

Every single one of your smiles
Is a knife cutting me from the inside
Freeing an opaque substance...
Hate filling me up, controlling me and directed at you

I'd rather not have lived our past
It hurt me and broke me
And your not even aware of it
You broke something in me and I hate you for it.

vendredi, décembre 10, 2010


Since as far as I remember you
Since i've understood an old cliché;
''from the second I saw you''
I knew i needed you to stay

Home of my past fantasy
Guardian of my future desires
You are the vessel that let me be
The balance that keep me from fire.

Long lost, to be found again
The absence of you I went through
Reminded me that you didn't start as just a friend
And every words since have been blue

dimanche, décembre 05, 2010

Beyond Repair

Sacrifice, why do we make them?
Why changing ourself so much?
For the distant hope of a tandem,
That would maybe last longer and such?

Is there something, when in love, too hard to do?
So why then does it end after the efforts?
Why is the commitment and passion not abble to hold the fort?
So many questions that we don't have the beginning of a clue!

Make her a priority, adore her with passion, don't be selfish...
But in the end what's the point if it's to destroy us
If even with all those, not satisfied; why then make such a fuss
Why make beleive, when only in love....ish.

Semi mesure is not enough they say
But what when you give your all
What when you let yourself completely fall
And all you get is a hesitant; I may

Broken beyond possible repairs
Hurt beyond possible logic
And it's a cliché I know but it's so tragic
That you might miss the one, because someone wasn't fair.


Plus d'émotions
moins d'analyse
Plus de décisions
moins de couardise

Plus de paix
Moins de guerre
Plus de lait
Moins de misère

Plus de valeurs
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