mercredi, décembre 22, 2010


Revolution around the globe
Blood and murder for ideals
And while the planets get crazy
All I can think is how crazy YOU made me

And from this thought I feel guilty
For not caring enough about all that is going on
And all those peoples who wish they had my life
But all I wish is to share it with you

And from this pain of yours you can't get over
I on the other hand, am ready to roll over
I can't beleive you exist sometimes
And you kinda make sense of all the crazyness to me

And i'd prolly start carring back if I had you
But for now i'll be selfish and egoistical
Because i can't think straight when your on my mind
And lady, your always there

Obsessive compulsive behavior
Of daydreaming of those kisses I might never have back
And from this my days are modified
To a tale of wait and pray for your embrace.