jeudi, septembre 29, 2016


Moment of a blissfull complicity
I read through you like you were there
Is there a place where this is true
Or is it just about this instant.

carefull of the fragility of it all
aware of the pain that could be
aware of the goodness that ring me
pure and sharp is this equilibrium

come to me my sweet
Make so that we can just see
the full extand of our ressemblance
And merge in that discovery

mardi, septembre 27, 2016

Fall Spleen for M.

Will my heart ever heal
Will it ever move on from this smile of yours
Is there a place where I don't break,
Everytime I look at those eyes.

You've been away for so long
I barely remember you were once mine
But everytime you appear from the smoke
I cry a little like it was yesterday

Were you a visions?
Were you a lie?
I'll never really understand why
You destroyed me so

I don't know you anymore
But my soul still does
And I don't own you anymore
But you still do

Why such a feeling for a broken promess
Why such a longing for everything you
This smile, this touch, this skin
Those lips, i'll never kiss...