samedi, mai 31, 2008

What choice

What choice would we make if time could be stopped? Wwoud we live more like time was precious even if we'd have plenty of it? Sometime I think we would.

vendredi, mai 30, 2008

seing ur life

And while I saw all my life passed me like a last farewell
The images floating around some pictures of what I was
Like I was already gone and away from this world
I saw truth like never before... some of my choices
Where will I find the strenght to change everything that I didn't like
Where will I light the fire again that was so long gone...
I love my job and my life but more what they can become
And while the heaven were looking down on me
It's your face that came to mind first
And I can't wait to deal with all that fear
I can't wait to deal with all that inner pain so I can tell everybody
So I can finally explose and live...
Patience is harder than it was
But will also mean more
Some goals have changed
In a fraction of a second
And some other have disapear.