mardi, décembre 17, 2013

Let me fall (inspired by CdS song)

Let me fall
No nets to catch me
No parachute to slow me down
So free in that last flight

Let me fall
In that unreal dream
Lost in a sea of air
Dropping to the end

Let me fall
Grasping at nothing
Not even trying
Hoping for a landing

Let me fall
Swallowed by sadness
Emptying everything else
Darkness will catch me.

Oh so please let me fall...

lundi, décembre 16, 2013

In her own world

A soft sound
Coming from a far memory
Like a sweet breeze of sun
kissing my ears tenderly

And the shape of the words
Mean nothing, but to both of us
Makes me close my eyes
Smiling peacefully

Almost forgot that melody
Almost didn't recall the feeling
Of warmth and deep calm
Filling that void inside of me

And then it's over
My eyes open
I feel the distance
but this time a little less...