jeudi, mai 06, 2010

it's been so long

It's been so long
Since you've hold me
I'm afraid I don't remember
How good it must feel

It's been so long
Since you're last kiss
That I'm scared I forgot
The warmth in those lips

It's been so long
Since we've shared anything
That I'm wondering
What we shared at all

I feel the distance growing
Both physically and mentally
Where do we stand
I know you more from others than from myself.

lundi, mai 03, 2010

pesant silence

Silence pesant
Celui du moment non dit
Celui de la peur
Ce silence qui tue la vérité

La larme qui coule
Comme le son du glas
Puisque les mots
Ne suffisent plus

La fin qui est déjà derrière
Pourtant toujours muet
A quoi bon parlé?
A quoi bon expliqué?

Les yeux remplis de douleurs
La voix couper par les pleurs
Et l'immense vide au cœur
Ce froid qui t'emplis ma soeur

pourquoi, comment et quand?
Bouteille à la mer
Les réponses qui ne viendront pas
Et le temps qui ne règlera pas

growing up

Reach out
Break the gap
This solitude
Shouldn't exist

From generations
Younger and older
We have too much too learn
To isolate ourself like that

Break that distance
Nothing good comes from it
The young will show you passion
The elder will show you wisdom

And in the moment of connection
There might be a way
To grow in it
And to make grow

It's easy to close yourself to your reality
But your's is only your's
Opening to the others
Will bring you what is missing

Learn to live
By not hiding death
The process ignored
Will only bring problems.