mercredi, mai 27, 2009

morning gasp

I dream of lustful morning
Where our skin merge in peace
Where shiver become our morning routine
And where kisses replace the sun

I have fantasy about your love
Meeting mine under the covers
And unite in a gasp
To reach untouchable height

I have desire for your breast
The taste so perfect on the tip of my tongue
The warmth so complete
In the palm of my hand

Expectation of absolute
Not being utopic anymore
And everything we’ve learn
Shattered in our sweet embrace

Vision of your back
Hauting my mind
Like the perfect silouhette
Of all my desire

Memories of your buttock
So smooth and sexy
Where I wanna loose myself
And all that is reason

Sensuality meeting love
The impossible meeting
Things I’ve tought impossible
In you do exist

The perfect alliance
Where the perfect soul
See the perfect mind
And share the perfect body

I’m so yours...

mardi, mai 26, 2009

from the past

When everything will fall into place
I'll still be looking at your face
From the deepest corner of my soul
I see an angel so beautifull

This love from the past
So alive when it blast
Where were you all this time
You, who alway's was mine

I'll kneel down to the church of your beauty
Waiting for us to be
Seeing in your eyes the truth
You are my absolute.

lundi, mai 25, 2009


Love is like a 2 pieces puzzle who come in a 7.5 billions pieces box. You have to find the only 2 pieces that work together in the box.

dimanche, mai 24, 2009


when the night fall on me
it's so dark i can't see
and no mather how much light
nothing is close to your sight