samedi, mars 20, 2010


And when sharing was our goal
We made sure our need were safe
And now deprive
I'm hollowing my life

Every touch is a dream
Every dream is pain
And when I wake up
It's with tears in my eyes

There is this part of me
That's still want to be free
And there's this part of you
Hell, is what it's putting me trough

My peace of mind
Long gone with the smile
And my sleep
Fugitive to my life

Tracking down all three of them
I fail to recover any
And when time as passed
Will I still fear what i've lost?

mercredi, mars 17, 2010

blooming flower

While I know your blooming away
I perish away
And you get back all of your color
Me falling down my darkness again

And this shine that your trying to get back
I feel like it's cut out of my own colors
A peak of jealousy maybe
or a desperate attempt not to die away

like any flower, i've been looked at
but will be tossed away once the beauty as faded
and I wish I was a dry one
that you keep in a book as a memory
In the fog of a tear blind sight
Darkness replaced by shadow and twisted form
every glimpse is a painful reminder
that in the end you are not here