samedi, septembre 11, 2010

the text

You took something in me

And I’ll never get it back

Feeling it only in your embrace

Living only in their expectations

And took my heart

On a divine night

Now im just the shelf

That carry it around

I tought i’d never find this again

Swore on myself to never get caught up again

But here it is here I am

Lost in the web of your charms

Destroy me or feed me

I long lost control of me

And while you think and sway

I hurt and love everyday

Who was I kidding

When I left you darling

For me there is no more redemption

It is you who got my attention

I had lost myself in you

Way before I met you

And I’ve been called a fool for this

But I know, it’s you i’ve always missed

Forgive me for loving too much

I can’t help but crave your touch

Never been cast away before

And with you I always want more

Infatuated by the goddess of my dream

Your lips are for me a stream

Where I baith in blissfulness

And wait for your next caress

I’ve hurt you in such a way

Something i’ve never tought i,d have to say

That our life hurt me

That our love is killing me

Unknown path for both of us

We got scared of lust

Our attraction deeper than magic

The ride so hard that i got sick

I’ve unlearned how to be without you

When away uniting again is all I want to do

Life is a game I dare not play

If your not my partner along the way

Please stop pushing me

And finally let us be

Enough with both of our past

Let’s build a future that’s gonna last

mardi, septembre 07, 2010


As my heart failed to graps the meaning of these words
As my life, in front of me smile and go away
My hapiness goes on a long trip and will not be back without you
Dry smile betraying the true deepness in my look
It's not profond meaning but total emptyness
I cannot find myself, even in a mirror
Fleeing into numbness, even that feels better than consciousness
Silence hurts, words too!
Not sure wich one I prefer anymore.


Dans la foulée de la mort ambrée
S'embrase les mots du coeur
Noircie du carbone des passions passé
Asséchée du fiel des douleurs

Fleurs fânées par trop de caresses
Les bourgeons d'un nouveau printemps
Perdent déjà leurs couleurs
Les bouquets séché seront mon cerceuil

Les claires de lunes m'auront coutés
De sommeil et d'espoirs
Et lorsque je rêvais de paradis
C'est dans vos yeux que je voyais les anges