jeudi, août 25, 2011


Where's that glimpse of light in the deepness of your doubts?
That spark we each saw that night on top of our city, above all.
I saw it while you were looking away from me, into other eyes
And now the darkness is swallowing me.

that laugh and smile from admiration and communion
that look that said I love and respect you
Those words I dreamed for so long and that you gave so briefly
I ear them now for somebody else.

I long for your lips
To tell me they still love me for what I once was to you
To kiss me without me begging for it
To feel like they long for mine

And all your questions and doubt
All your disappointment and sorrow
Your confessions are gone from my ear
And our passion got spilled in the process

I can't tell you just how much i miss you
For your still with me but never like you were
Those moments of pure communion
and those certitudes you told me you had.

I'm alone now in the dream you made me believe
And it's so cold without your embrace
My monologue of tattooed dragons and living together
echoing in the emptiness of my heart.

I wish I had never disappointed you
I wish I would have made your head at ease
i wish I was the confident you taught I was
I wish I wasn't...