mercredi, avril 05, 2006

those nights,,,

so hello there
little angel of my dream
with those lips like cream
you kill all my nightmare

after all this time
finally like a ghost
sending me those kiss you post
and it almost feel like summertime

those nights...

le bonheur en vacance.

Et après les nuits de rêves
après les journées de désir
Et les heures de plaisirs
Déjà arrive la trêve

Et le bonheur part en vacances
Dans le tourbillons qui suit
Toujours épris d'insomnie
Le spectre de l'été danse


dimanche, avril 02, 2006

second and time pass

no more inspiration?
Is this the beginning
Or the ending
where has gone my passion?

Time and time, harder and harder
with every second that pass I feel downer
And that fresh breath that is suposed to exist
Really just close my fist

Each white stick another piece of anger
The balance is breaked down
In that crashing sound
No mather how it will get harder

and now I wanna go
and now I wanna go
why those lonely nights?
Are so useless of a fight.