samedi, septembre 12, 2015


It happen again
The sun shadowing
The moon shinning
I saw time freezing
In your walk towards me
A second to realise
Just how beautiful you still are
The world disapeared
Outside of your contour
The all of earth revolving around those eyes
And you say hi
Your voice makes me gasp
I loose myself a little
Heart pounding hard
My body is not mine anymore
A giant magnet pulled to you
Unable to stop
And while we talk I wander
On everything that could
Or am I imagining this
You have the feel of an angel to me
Will i survive your presence
Or will i be cast to the shadow of hell

mercredi, septembre 09, 2015


pure embrace
Pure moment
Where the communion with the other is just perfect.
Where the bliss is so true

Decades and centuries have passed by
It still feels like you are home
Like your words are truth
Like your presence is essentiel

Dreams of perfect harmony
My balance is in you
Fire to my ice
My control to your temper

We think as two sides of the same mind
Like one same argument whole and complete
A mix of family, love and unity.
Words are not invented yet to describe you.