samedi, septembre 04, 2010

a Thanks to the soldiers

Men's and women's who carry the flags
Standing proud and strong while others brags
Filling a duty only a few have the courage too
Only a handful are brave enough too

While the critics pour on your duty
You still protecting our liberty
Paying the high price for our free speech
Even when to you we preach

I thank you all you soldiers
Carrying those orders
From the very people that blame you
For that I thank you.

vendredi, septembre 03, 2010


Entering within myself
I see the nightmare come once again
The past is present
In rush of resent

I construct my fortress
I hide my distress
No one should see
All should stay in me

In a hope of a confession
I've lost my passion
And I think too much
Of all things and such

Hide me in the darkness
My spleen, my sweetness
I shall take shelter
In your embrace my elder

And when i finally break free
How much is gonna have been lost of me
Dreams, hopes and everything shattered
Even without a fight it's coward

Lost in myself is the will to do
Because nothing was gonna bring me back I knew
This was IT
or that was it.

mercredi, septembre 01, 2010


''during my study of rap music, I discovered taht people who react negatively to this music are often unable to decode it's lyrics, style and message.''
- Cheryl K. Eyes -

grasping coldness

Tears fall down my face
like an uncontrolable stream
Flooding all clarity
And the sense of logic with it

As I lay restless in my cold bed
I fix the ceiling
No warmth could make this go away
No light could make me see clear

Soul dancing with oh so dark idea
Head fighting to keep and stay strong
My forces are slowly diming
to a point where I don't feel them anymore

My cold, even in this heat
is stronger than a million flames
But that cold comes with a price
The one of perpetual darkness

Where's my path?
I've lost a part of me
That I can't find back
And from a distance I try to grasp