samedi, décembre 03, 2005

Le combat des justes

Pendant que certain se combattent
D'autre se complaise dans la suffisance
Le combat de ceux qui ce battent
Contre ceux qui regarde avec aisance

Meurt et meurt au combat
Les plus grand de nos citoyens
Pour vous a sonnez le glas
Parceque nous fesons rien

La paix qui chaque jour perd la bataille
Les valeureux jugés sans compréhension
La logique de gauche sans faille
Qui les condamne pour leurs bonnes actions

Ma plume est mon combat
Jusqu'à l'heure du courage
Mais d'ici là
Ce sont mes mots qui feront rage
Comme un vent doux qui caresse le visage
J'imagine la perfection de ton image
Comme la vision d'un mirage

Et comment était-ce avant?
Vivre sans toi, comment?
Je ne puis l'imaginer maintenant.

jeudi, décembre 01, 2005

Montreal by night

As the shadow of the day disapear
The dark ink night take the place
For the last time for long
Sun give a last wink at this part of the world

And when our soul finally meet
The surrounding become a threat
When in the eyes of others
We see the essence of human nature

While the drugs make some forget
The others are not abble to hide
The meaning of their useless life
Is no more then what their actions are

Artificial lights fight the night
Put there by whom don't understand
The purity of being blind
Thats what you get for fighting the moon

And as we walk through this city
And pass by others without looking
In a peacefull breathing
We take communion with my world

mercredi, novembre 30, 2005

dimanche, novembre 27, 2005

Dark pen

Where love use to make me write
Hate and darkness have took over
And where my passion
Now lay my anxiety
My pen ruled over by my sadness
Transform in a unpredeeded rage
And so on my words flow
Throwing dagger and arrow
To the reader of my mind
I say enjoy the show
To hapiness my words are blind
Im burning of a need to hurt
What have I become?
I'll say maybe just the essence of my nature