dimanche, octobre 11, 2009


It come easy and without premiditation. It's a big trait of our society, judging everything and anything just for the sake of it, for the sake of talking. I know half of the time people mean well but what is trully hapenning in their mind isn't something good. Missing facts, missing circumstances and also missing neutrality judgement lead to tension. Inevitable all the time for it's the nature of conflict and conflict are created by different judgement. Neutrality is an utopia i'll admit that, does it mean that we shouldn't try to achieve it? I think that with knowing that it's an utopia we as a human race are force (due to our social model) to judge, but why is it so glorious to judge without appeal, so brutally and so irreversibly. I don't get what's so glorious about being sure because let's face it being sure of your judgement means only that your trying to convince yourself. ''She's a bitch, he's an asshole, she's so stupid and he is so arrogant'' No mather what you think of somebody there is always reasons (not excuses) for their behavior. That doesn't you should get along with those people it just mean that not because you don't get along they should fall automatically in the ''insult'' category.

Neutrality is an utopia that we should all try to reach because in the end it's the only way to give the right to the justice.