lundi, mars 28, 2016

love me to a wreck

I wanna fall for you
Lights all blue
Just for a bit
Just for a kick

I want you to love me
Just for the fun to be
Eyes looking deep
Just to go to sleep

Desire washing over us
Stranger and friend with a plus
Don't hold back tonight
At least for the night

I need to fall in love
So I can call you my dove
And then you can break it
So I can hurt and like it

Be my passion for moment
In a pale attempt
To rescue my romance
From the wreck that doesnt make sense

dimanche, mars 27, 2016

vertigo cliff

Looking at the deepest abyss
On the verge of a fatal fall
Sentiment is a bliss
Me flying like the stream of a waterfall

Vertigo trembling in my head
The silence of a pulse
defeaning in the view of my last bed
I will go down on that impulse

And that path that led to this
in the back of my mind I always knew
that this sound of a hiss
would also be where I would undo.