samedi, août 29, 2009

remedy to a spleen

what would i not give for this
that ideal of a life i once created in my head
what wouldnt i give for a moment in it
for once not being a dream but a reality

the softness in human
understanding peace and love
in all word and all gesture
were sadness would be a far concept

i for that would give up my life
a country worth fighting for
a ideal bigger than life
universal love... imagine.

mercredi, août 26, 2009

remedy to a spleen

from the deepest waves of my soul
i feel the time consuming me
am i loosing it?
or making the most of it?

my heart and my head forever fighting
making of my body this war field
my energy is leaving me
and my drive is slowing down

when all will be said and done
what will be left of those two
am i gonna have something to carry on
or will i fade like everybody else

when my faith is shaken
its my all body that collapse
and while it crumble
this doubt that never end.

just let me sleep in your embrace
rest my head on ur body
and just pass away in this perfect moment
i want this more than anything

be my country
in this safe spot i dont feel pain
like a drug paralyze the pain
your kiss paralyze my spleen

dimanche, août 23, 2009

dark past

From a dark part inside of me
I still feel sadness
But for the firs time
It's about the past, not the future

Where that spleen is coming from
Forever will haunt me
But I know in the end it worth it
Because it brought me to you