vendredi, novembre 07, 2008


There is hope
Somewhere here
Something as change
For a long time to come

And maybe those who beleive
Will be disapointed
But the wind of hope
Will grow stronger

For the time that will come
Maybe one day, just maybe
The change will happen
And somehow it will be better

And that global wind of aspiration
Like a wind of smile running everywhere
It changes everything
And maybe me a little bit more than I thought.

mercredi, novembre 05, 2008

Yes we can

As the tornado go calm
When america hold it's breath
While the world is watching
It finally is the time

And while the soft wind of hope blow
A sound far away whisper
In a symphonie your hear all the world say;
''Yes we can''

mardi, novembre 04, 2008

true or lie

Can it get any better?
My hopes are high
Because if they can't
Why would I keep fighting?

War between logic and soul
From wich I can't escape
And in the land of the free
No liberty is for free.

Blessing the ones who beleive
But are they really bless
Or living in a lie
To keep breathing what they can't accept?