samedi, février 02, 2008


tired of all those cases of beers wasted
all those weed smoked
and all those hours erase from their memories

Couldn't we just live?
couldn't we just be and try to be.
What is it that everybody need to flee
So wrong that you have to forget

I feel the noise of silence as I asked
I feel the confusion in answers...
''it's not like that'' / ''it's not for that''
All this bullshit that people try to make me swallow

Be free of all this
Or at least try to be
There is no shame in defeat
But there is in not trying to fight

And as everyone try to worry about others
They forget themselves
And still try to give lessons
Can't understand all this anymore

And my pulse was beating faster
My rage was building inside
And now im just numb, bored, disilusionise
Just drown im tired of saving you all.

I shut myself slowly
Get in my own mind, the only place im free
Why bother making contact
when everything I touch disguss me.