vendredi, avril 04, 2008

if I ever feel better.

And since the last time we've meet
So much water has run down under the bridge
So much pain have kept me awake at night
And so much wrong were made t you

From unworthy little boys
To ungratefull man
Have step on your heart
Breaking it a little bit more each time

And me so busy in my life
Forgot to see
What it is that was making me
Running all the time to a point of crashing a wall

Now that we both wake up
That we both see lights
What is it will it take
For us to feel better?

jeudi, avril 03, 2008

duo en solo

Quand les sourrires figé
Deviennent source de survie
Quand les yeux glacés
Ne sont plus qu'un surcie

Je vois la fin
avant que le commencement deviennent
Et ils tendent la mains
Pour être moins seul dans leurs peines.

Et quand du bout des lèvres
Ils échapent leurs je t'aime
C'est pour faire passé la fièvres
Comettre l'illusion d'un tandem

La finalité est triste pourtant
Les duos se brisent
Les combats contre le temps
Finisse toujours par notre armée démise.

Je verrai encore la mascarade
Emprisonné sur un papier givré
Comme un instant de bravade
Devant cette finalité.

mardi, avril 01, 2008

a wolrd that is not there

My words a pale reflection of your beauty
A humble attempt to grasp this perfection that I see
Can't seem to really define you
Or to be abble to hold onto your grace

When the night fall and im alone in my sleep
I see those shades of gold coming to me
Haunting my sleep
And transporting me in a deep dream

This forsaken place of our meeting
Like a illusion of a life that is forbidden
Peace, sweetness, softness and love
All at once without distinction

And this sun of yours
Shinning to bright on my night
Me the moon
For I am a pale reflect of your beams