samedi, juin 12, 2010

take me

i wanna be blissed
someone take my hand
Drag me down
Drag me up
i want to get lost
I wanna get brought back
i wanna see another light
or another color of darkness
I need you to need me
where are you ?
hands reaching for you
My breath taken
I'm speechless but my eyes screams
but you can't see
oh no you can't
I'll drown myself in that need of you
and with my life bleeding away
i will whisper your name with my last pulse
take me away oh please
the emptyness is a bliss
take me with you i want to breath you
where are you i need you
take me with you
drag me down
or drag me up
but oh please take me.


l'attente légitime
les besoins intimes
Est-ce toi qui me prive
ou moi qui s'ennivre

Je vois ma vie
Je vois la tienne
Ne comprend pas ce qui coule dans mes veines
Cherche le sens de ma vie

Lorsque j'attend
Lorsque loin de toi
Je vois moi
avec le recul je vois mes moments

Ma tête cherche la relation
Mon coeur cherche tes attentes
Et je ne vois ni mes ambitions
Ni d'évolution lente


A glimpse of paleness
Skins too white to be real
Like a drop of moon light
over that slenderness

I see you sticking out in the crowd
In the middle of all those people
You above all stand out
So luscious, so unreal

And in the middle of that sun
That part of night walking, smiling
You were just a blur in my day
That made it worthy

And tonight while I go to bed
there is a part of me that will meet you
And get to know you
And then just like you came, forget you