samedi, novembre 29, 2008

The Used - Blue and Yellow

''I should've done something but i've done enough, by the way your hands were shaking rather waste my time with you...''


When im lost in this sea of question
Hands reach out
But always to drag me down
In the dark water where I would drown

When the life feels like i have no more to give
When the smile is the last thing that help me
What else could I do to feel better?
What is it that will bring me the undeniable answer?

after a while

When the butterfly will be long gone
Will you still be there for me?
When the sun will go done
Will you still hold me?

Passed that first kiss
Will you still close your eyes?
And when those first word escape your lips
Will you still be shy?

After we've locked our gaze for the first time
Will you still look at me the same
When you will hold my hand to make sure I'm fine
Will you still do it without playing a game?


Hope... does it have any meaning to me anymore... i need someone to explain to me what hope means... what hopes feels like...

vendredi, novembre 28, 2008


Le lyrisme bien présent. J'imagine à chaque nuit une vie qui n'est pas la mienne. Au lointain horizon dans mes rêves, je vois la nuit brillé, même dans mon sommeil je ne vois pas vraiment la lumière. Comment choisir un chemin quand le noir nous entoure. Lorsque l'on ne voit pas la route et quand on ne sait pas ou on est? J'ai crue trop souvent, est été décue trop durement. J'ai l'impression que les rêves ne sont plus miens et que les espoirs ne sont plus permis. Je veux croire, mais je broie du noir. Comment faire pour sentir la joie quand il n'y a plus que le soi.

jeudi, novembre 27, 2008

Poésie en Espagnol.

“Te puedo dar mi soledad, mi oscuridad, el hambre de mi corazón; trato de sobornarte con la incertidumbre, con el peligro, con la derrota”

mercredi, novembre 26, 2008

Un-happy ending.

When all that could hurt me too deeply did, when the light was long gone and only the memory of it was left in the dark. When the hope was juste a far away souvenirs for those cold night, I suprise myself feeling again and again... I'll never be free, i'll never be that man that can forgive and forget. I might be the man of only one destiny, and when this one was taken away from me I had to create something that is not me. I am not who I seem, wish I knew who I am now, I only know who I was and the power of my conviction. In those moments of doubts I remember smells and skins of a past long gone... and in that true and deep sadness I find security and confort... what does it mean when your safest place is pain, when your most tender hold is crying and when the sweetest kiss is the hurt you feel inside. I will go on, like I always do, don't worry. But the goal of being happy is an objective I will not acheive for I know what true hapiness is, and I've become too ''mature'' to find the naivity to continue in the path I once chose. I said I wouldn't stop, I said I'd always beleive... what if I am not what I wish so hard to be... Even now when I feel the emptyness of it all... when I look back and saw everything that I thought I had an impact on... I realize that this is nothing... I don't have the impact I wish I had, I don't have the place i'd like with nobody, and that story that filled my dream from youth, through teenager and now has a adult will make me wish for another era, another time... maybe wish not to dream anymore. Someone once told me that I killed her inner child; well guess what? Right back at you! You were my Disney story and now that i feel how I do for the time I had... there is no turning back.

mardi, novembre 25, 2008

Monologue avec moi même.

- Sais-tu il y a combien de temps que je n'ai pas eu envi de passé du temps avec quelqu'un?
- Qu'est-ce que tu veux dire?
- Que j'ai pas eu envi d'être avec quelqu'un et de juste passé le temps avec cette personne là depuis des années.
- Et sa change quoi?
- Pas mal tout!
- Hein?
- J'ai peur de jamais r'avoir envi encore...
- Ah bon!

lundi, novembre 24, 2008


When life leave my body
When my eyes close for the last time
When my last breath will be long gone
And my last taught beginning to fade

Who will I see in my dream
Who will hold my hand
Will it be the same
What is in ink of my soul?

dimanche, novembre 23, 2008

my way

I see others telling me to be happy
I look at them and how they go about
And I wonder if I would be free
Living like this, in a constant reach out?

Again I pull myself together
I know i'll catch them later
When they will regret
I will forget