vendredi, juin 08, 2007

Artificial Day

When the night fall over the sun
When the city goes asleep
When there is no soul left
Darkness prevail

In the shadow of the moon
The artificial lights
Creates illusion of another day
Where the reality becomes fiction

Spirits flying out of body's
Soul getting silenced
Head getting tricked
Nothing but the artificial night

When the sun finally arise
The darkness disapear
With it all the illusions
Reality strikes hard.

And while everyone goes to an artificial sleep
I see the transition
See the body smashed
And the thoughts unclear

While my generation party
Claiming to be free
Their heads are getting abuse
Willingly and with joy.

The tears are now in my eyes
Reflection of the future
I refuse to be part of this
I refuse to get abuse.

mercredi, juin 06, 2007

don't wanna think

Once again this ocean of pain
Coming from the coast i wasn't waiting for it
Again... déjà vu

I'll be alone in this passion of mine
And one day i'll wake up in a cold bed
Looking for the time that has passed
And let me sleep now cuz I don't wanna think anymore.