mercredi, octobre 22, 2008


Under all that bravado
Can't stop wondering what could have been
Your heart belongs to someone else
But I still wonder if it was me

I search for you everywhere I go
Looking to find that sweetness again
Softness, kindness and beauty
Make me yours once again...

If my hand float away
Is for you to be free
And when your ready
I hope you'll take it back

pressing over your heart
as we cuddle in this warmth
our smell fusionning
and our mind at peace

For the first time in a long time
Calm, rested, warm and happy
For I can't find my mind quiet
since we've left each other.

lundi, octobre 20, 2008

finding its way

while my skin burst in flame
Consumed by passions
My soul stay so cold
stuck in past memories

My hand glidding
Over the unknown
Maybe they try to find
What my head is still remembering

Past present future
so confuse right now
In the land of solitude
that I just can't find my way.