samedi, décembre 18, 2010


A night sky full of stars
A cold wind gently rocking snow
Lights reflecting on the perfect whiteness
And a vision of you threw my tears

vendredi, décembre 17, 2010


procession de bonheur et de sourrire
La chaleur se propage dans tout les coeurs
et pourant dans le miens le froid perdure
pourquoi suis-je intouché par l'ambiance?

les festivités vont bon train
et les couleurs sont brillante
mais a travers mes yeux
tout est gris et noir et sale

l'attente m'aura tout pris
dans ma grotte d'espérance
j'aurai perdu l'excitation du moment
et la joie instantanné

Mélodie d'une peine

Mélancolie, d'une mélodie romantique
Le piano lourd et pesant
Pèse sur les notes dissonantes de mes peines
Mes amours ravagées ne sont plus la symphonie d'autrefois

La marche nuptiale si loin déjà
Je ne voulais pas entendre les accords d'un requiem
Et lorsque la dernière mesure sera joué
Que restera-t-il de moi a aimé?

Et les violoncelles triste me converse
Et tout doucement me berce
Me laissant sans voix
Mes larmes sont instrumentale

Et je te vois loin de moi
Et pourtant hier encore tu étais si près
Ton rythme dictant le miens
Et sans lui que des silences...

jeudi, décembre 16, 2010

seeing you

A cascade of gold
Flying down your shoulder
From it I see the sun
And a smile begins to form

Once a queen
Now elevated to a goddess
I've grown from you
And the warmth you inspire me

Like a small flame burning inside
Like a little heat keeping me alive
There's memories mixed up with hope
And I like how they blur together

And you don't know yet
But I sure can see
That something is meant to be
Between you and me

I can't keep ignoring the beauty
You shed on every little things
I see you
Do you see me?

mercredi, décembre 15, 2010

Billy Bragg - New England

''I loved the words you wrote to me
But that was bloody yesterday
I can't survive on what you send
Every time you need a friend''

resentment blanket.

It's not new anymore
It's starting to be part of the ''decor''
It's common and comes with me
It's now just just another sad story

I carry the pain like a winter coat
For it warms my blood with resentment
I can't seem to forgive
Even less to forget

And while the time pass by
I make peace with her
But hate myself just more
And it's just getting harder to cope with.

mardi, décembre 14, 2010


How come the same smile can bring you so much joy and 1 month later bring you equal amount of pain? I used to love seeing her smile, now I can't stand it without starting to cry...

What do I have to do end it? I wish I could amputate my memories of her so I could act like I didn't beleive in it so much.

Is there any place that could make me forget? Tell me yes so I can move on? This sadness and sorrow is just too much pain to bare.