jeudi, juillet 11, 2013

Stranger to the planet

Chicago where we were born
Vegas where we lived magic
Boston where we merged
Detroit where you showed me your nest
Montreal where I shared mine
Paris we embrace our cultures
Spain where it started crackling
London we became one
Hamilton first reunion after a long time
Ireland still on our highs
Moscow your smile so charming
Nashville forbidden city to me.

Tell me, what's left for me?
I see you everywhere
In everyone, everything
Can't believe we aren't anymore
I feel a stranger to this planet
With all those city, nothing feels like home anymore.

Tell me

Tell me
Why didn't we get marry
Why did you have to leave
How come we didn't beleive

We drifted appart
Near that calm lake
To never reach back
What we used to call our shore

And now I spy
To know what you've become
And I lie when I don't care
I still try to understand

A moment that was never suppose to end
Disappear in a wall of smoke
Like we never met
And since then I still try to find a stranger

Those cities were ours
This world our play ground
What's left for me to see
If everything was us.