samedi, septembre 22, 2012

Love me for me

There's a part of me that want to be free
Yet again, another that can't imagine beeing without they

Fighting each others in a mercyless battle
My mind the only tortured prisoner on both side

That love that bless me, but yet so deep it could kill me. Is not yet safe, not yet pure, will it ever be? The me as a all shattered in a distant historic pictures full of shame and full of darkness. Like having a past is a curse. God was I so bad that she's the reason for everything now?

That curiosity of one another, is it still possible after a while? Or is it me, and I just never got outlasted? Always  i'll remember a time where al was pure and simple, that place where doubt was about time not about us.

Those passions of mine requested and then given completly naked and complety free. Are beeing ridicule, judged and condamned. Same passion you were so found of; no I wwasn't faking it, not ever. I am passion; live, breath and die by it.If you kill those nothing wil be left of me. Me? What is that to you now? Or are you too immerse in yourself to care and see?

Life was good to me and I thank it for this. Brought me places, let me live, let me experience. It is making me, shapping me into an untold story and I am glad of it. In a way, many ways you shaped and will shape the person I will be. In presence or abscence. But right now I am lost at words of you getting me? I will not and cannot only be me when you are here in my presence. And I will not conform to the idea of whatyou think we should be. This quest of mine doesn't start or stop with you or anyone. Love me for me or love me not. I come with this darkness burried deeep inside of me and although your pain is immense it doesn't swallow my gothic state of mind, only feeds it. I am no sidekick no half I join you full and intent on staying that way. With your judgement you will only loose me and their will be no turning back from this. This is us now it wasn't us then and I pray that I won't have to leave, and I pray I won,t have to start protecting myself from you.

Love me for me, for if you don't; you love me not!