jeudi, mars 28, 2019

blooming heart

Poetry of a blooming heart
The warm embrace
at the taught of you
the form of a smile winning my lips

In this garden of mystery
Labyrinth taking the shapes of lifes
A smokey path emerged
In the form of your shinning eyes

samedi, mars 23, 2019

Moment of perfection

And this moment after wildness
In this perfect embrace
My soul feelings hers
My mind wrapped around the smell of our love
I dare say
I've touched heaven
I dare say
I've touched perfection
I dare say
Your my perfection

lundi, février 25, 2019

this love boundless

this love boundless
the soft touch of it priceless
in this embrace, endless
I fell limitless

singing your kiss
speaking your lips
moaning your hips
is it true that bliss?

breath of refresh
in the joy of your mesh
lost in your flesh
you so fresh

mardi, janvier 08, 2019

standing beside you

In the shadow of your smiles
I once more feel safe
We've been seperated by miles
And by different place

But now that your warmth cover me
Now that these arms unbreak me
I know that the safest place to be
Was always at your sea

The best way to feel home
Was under our dome
Where your kisses weren't wishes anymore
But something I could ask for more. 

And you bless me with your grace
You move me with your face
I can't even begin to understand
That you are the one beside who I stand.

dimanche, décembre 16, 2018


You like an evidence
Looks that were always meant to be
You like a dream
and feelings that always were

You like a promess
to justify everything that came before
You like a symphonie
in her complex and magnificient beauty

You like it always should have
because nothing else feels quite right
You like you
Because nothing else is like it.

samedi, octobre 06, 2018


Nights that taste like eternity
In your arms I have a taste of deity
When I wake to your dreamy eyes
It feels like I could touch your sky

There's a promess in our hands
Since forever has I understand
There's a bond in our love
That seems to come from above

Sweetest kiss
That I always miss
Sweetest look
And I'm hooked

mardi, août 14, 2018


Hyptnotisé par la courbe de tes hanches
Brulé a vif dans le fond de mon imagination
Ton corps comme un désir étanche
À jamais prisonnier de ta séduction

Et lorsque nos corps ce cambre un dans l'autre
Je touche, je crois enfin
À quelques choses qui ce rapproche du divin
Toi la religion dans laquelle je me vautre

Longtemps le souvenirs de tes yeux
Le gouts de tes levres
Mon fait faire des souhaits pieux
Et je retournais a toi comme une sèvre

J'ai l'envi de nos coeurs éternelle
Quand je me perd dans le délice de nos étreintes
J'ai l'envi de nos vies dans le ciel
Quand je te goute comme l'absynthe

Dans le coeur tendre qui te centre
J'ai trouver la paix de mes désirs
Quand dans ton épicentre
J'ai enfin accès a frémir.