mardi, juin 17, 2008

busy bee

keep busy
busy bee
so you can flee
And keep free

Don't have to think
Don't blink
Keep it in sync
so you don't see the wink

lundi, juin 16, 2008

Can't get away

The life I chose
Choosing me too
But now it swallows me
And I can't control the downfall

While everything seem normal on the surface
Passions that I once had
Is gone and buried
And my mind is digging it out

Skins, fleshs, eyes...
All of those that once fulled my life
Are coming back to mess my mind
And steal my sleep

Everything reminding me that I too have wings
I'm made too fly
I can't just hold there and wait to die
I will win my battle.

Help me be me
For I won't be abble to stay
Help me be me
For I can't get away