vendredi, mai 14, 2010


Spinning in this life
When I'd only wish I could stop
Spinning to forget I can't stop
If I do I hurt

Light, darkness
Like an endless reaction
From where I want to kiss you
And all I want is to stop and kiss you

Secrets over secrets
I can't share what I want
Secrets over secrets
Where are you to be one

I need you to be there
But you can't
And I can't
So we spin to forget

But when the tornado finally stop
I hope we will meet
Cuddle and stay immobile
to appreciate the world

mardi, mai 11, 2010


Flesh against flesh
Dream so vivid
Waking up hurt
Having everything snapped away

Soul trying to find the mate
The warmth such utopia
So permanent cold it is
And no more peace of mind

The head thinking so much
Pain from stopping
Numbness from trying
Indifference in silence

Mind flooded with fears
Fears emerging from thought
thought from needs
and needs from desire

Is there an end to that mumbling
taking so much space
taking so much energy
Leaving me empty.

sexual era

What is it with sexy?
What is it with sex in general?
Where did we lost the sweetness of love
For the kinkyness of horny...

How did the warm exchange of two skins
Became so rough, so raw
For thousands of sexual glorification
I'm trying to find one proximity one

Pictures of friendship
Now the sexy look
Here the cleavage
But where's the sweetness?

In an era where hypersexual is master
I feel lost and without home
Like reaching from an era too far away
It's like I don't belong

Sex, how come something so good
Got reduce to an exchange of fluid
Where did it lost the exchange of soul
And the proximity of true and honnest intention...

Disapointed... That's all I can think of now.