vendredi, octobre 09, 2009



Where does this come from? Why so much violence, in word in gesture. How come these clashes of personality... could it be possible that in that madness of society we forgot something. Is that possible that all the way around we were wrong about our own nature. I keep hearing the human is a social creature, but is it really? Or are we simply too far down the line to remember any other way?

Agressivness the way people fight each other over words, work, politics, religion... If we had to invent all those rules to live together how would it be without the rules and the organization, not talking about anarchy but simply talking about maybe not be so dependent on each other. Are we really define by what surrounding us or are we just adapting to it to a point where the person we become has nothing to do with the person we could have or would have been in the beginnning. When you look back at things maybe this wasn't the best we could have done.

What's the use of this thinking? Far from me the idea of changing it from the core but maybe by understanding what we were meant to be we can figure out a way to bring the anger level down a little... you know just a little more soft, sweet and happy... No yelling, no anger, no fight... ''Imagine'' said the other guy!