dimanche, février 19, 2017

So many questions

Have I ever really gotten through you? Has my heart ever really stop reaching for you since that fatidic night where I was a puddle of tears on that carpet? What makes a brain go through stuff? I mean not in a functionning way but in a; I don't regret it, kinda way. Is there a place in my mind where I can get free of all these stories we made up for each other?

I'm functionning and im ''normal''. But I feel my mind is some sick patient mumbling the same obsession over and over again. Self destructive much? Self destroyed much? How can I go foward when everything is pulling toward that short lapse of time where I felt the world revolved around your eyes and where my world had nothing more interesting than your soul.

I'll ge through I guess, or i'll tell myself. I will be me again, but after all that time who is me and why am I myself over others? I keep pulling pictures back in my head of what could have in another life... Should I forfeit mine right now?

Well see...

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